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We are all about arts and entertainment. We will host fun events that everyone in the Richmond, VA area can enjoy and meet new people. Our events are a great way to explore other talent and show off yours. From Poetry Slams to Club parties. Stay tuned for more information. Events and dates will be coming soon!!!! Facebook Page And Instagram @Artisticcreations804

Almost Is Never Enough COVER

Verse 1 It's hard to say, when it's over, goodbye I got to replace the feelings inside maybe we just didn't try but (that's not right)2x Bridge we can hide from the truth as much as we want but at times we didn't want to let go we’re so use to failure that's maybe why we gave up I learned to just go with the flow Pre Hook (Almost)2x is never enough very close, but then erupt if I knew that you too believe and really cared too we wouldn't have fell off so hard and end up apart we’d be together, and you’d freeze me with your charms Hook and we almost, we was almost ready for love but almost is never enough Verse 2 if everything could be alright you’d just hold me close every night how to love, maybe we would have learn side by side, together we will conquer

If Things Were Different

She know she shouldn't, she has a man at home, he's calling her phone, refuse to pick up because she's not alone he knows he shouldn't let her in but he does anyway he says “You're beautiful, and if things were different, us together I swear it would be inevitable.
a girl and a guy started talking, day one, friendly, he always thought she was cute but never said anything, she thought so as well but didn't think he'd feel the same too late, now she's in a relationship to leave her alone, he's not equipped day five and it's so intense, he's getting closer but she can't resist lately her boyfriend been acting different, strange the guy asked where the bruise come from, on her face? she said she got home too late, from work he said “He's treating you less than your worth.” but she loves him, convincing herself that this will pass her heart hanging by a thread, she cuts it loose to see who will catch she seen the guy with a girl but he claims she'…


I'm  just thankful for the people that never left
y'all the best, I'm bless
the people that said they'll never leave but disappeared,
they lied I’m disappointed, but not at all surprised
dip out as quick as they came in,
the fake ones do it best
we were never really true friends,
just replace and onto the next
never cared how I felt at all
once you need something, you’ll give me a call
say you there for me,
whenever I need you and I don't ask for much but when I do
you never come through, always an excuse
prove it, don't just say you want to be in my life
but I appreciate the ones who tried
In a few years none of this shit will matter
we live and we learn
care less and live better
I'm too young for this
rather have "oh wells" than "what ifs"
life’s too short to hold things in
stop biting your tongue, tell them how you're feeling
I use to believe in romances
and give chances after chances, no matter the circumstances
sometimes …

Too Good At Goodbyes COVER

I have a real big secret but I choose not to tell you you must think I have no heart then I've been through all this before
I'm not going to let you get close to me even if you bring out the best in me when I give my secret up it hurts so I'm never going to give my heart to you even when you give me all parts of you sorry I always tend to introvert
Everytime you hold me everything just feels right everytime you leave me I still feel just fine everytime you walk out my feelings goes with you baby I will be happy with or without you I'm way too good at goodbyes
You say you'll love me regardless but the thing that you don't know It will have you second guess this before it's too late, you should go
I'm not going to let you get close to me even if you bring out the best in me when I give my secret up it hurts so I'm never going to give my heart to you even when you give me all parts of you sorry I always tend to introvert Repeat Hook

Whatever you do, don't get old!

The older you get, the quicker you forget,it is good not to remember some things, but not your grandkids name, can't drive around as much, drop something?can bend down but can't get back up, it sucks, when you wake up, everything hurts, you take all these pills that doesn't work, walked into someone, excuse me, no response cause what you thought was a person was a tree, didn't need glasses until now, can't hear a word coming out of their mouths, no control of your body shutting down, you tell all the young ones around…“pay attention, whatever you do, don't get old.” but they don't listen!

Ain't Having That

ex want me back but I ain't having that no more excuses, I was so foolish, clueless mistakes, that’s human, now ask me what I’m doing It’s just me and my music to me it's amusing, my entertainment dislike distractions, relationships I'm on some me shit that nigga was on some dumb shit now he asking for forgiveness but I’ll never forget it damn sure won't take him back he said I can't live w/o him, he’s incorrect he don't cross my mind at all he did me wrong and I'm moved on
no new friends, I ain't having that all the shit I've been through, I ain't going back and 3 words, trust no one is he real or just wanna homerun? is she fake or my ride or die? it's hard to figure out sometimes they be sending different signs that's why I read between the lines I refuse to get fooled ignore all the bull

going broke, I ain't having that I like to eat a lot, I'm real fat I’m about making commas while you sleep in your pajamas and I don't like no drama better have my mon…